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We Have The Perfect Plan For You All service pricing includes taxes and no hidden costs or maintenance fees! CIS HAS NEVER RAISED OUR PRICING! CIS BROADBAND HAS HAD THE SAME PRICING PER TIER SINCE 2005! WE NEVER RAISE OUR PRICES, ONLY OUR SPEEDS!


  • 6 Mbps Download
  • 2 Mbps Upload
  • Great for email,
    Surfing the Web,
    or 1 video stream.
  • 2 E-mail Adresses (optional)


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  • 9Mbps Download
  • 2Mbps Upload
  • Great for muliple devices
  • Up to 4 E-Mail Adresses


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  • 12Mbps Download
  • 2Mbps Upload
  • Recommended for 4+ users
  • Recommended for Online Gaming
  • 2+ Streams at once
  • Up to 6 E-mail Adresses (optional)


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Installs starting at $99

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Bringing High-Speed Internet to COCHISE COUNTY SINCE 2005

CIS Wireless Broadband Advantages
  • Reliable internet in rural areas with no caps!
  • Super-low latency network, perfect for VoIP and Video Calls.
  • Great prices starting at just $49.95 a month.
CIS Wireless Broadband How it Works
  • CIS Wireless Broadband transmits information via a radio signal from an Internet-connected tower or a tall building (known as an Access Point) to a receiver on the roof of the customer's home or business. The information then travels through a cable to a CIS router, then to your devices. Information you send goes through your network and back to the receiver on your roof, which transmits the signal back to the Access Point and to the Internet.

Serving Cochise County for 15+ Years!

CIS is proud to be the leader of Wireless Internet in Cochise County

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